What You Need To Know About Choosing A Motorcycle Battery

A well-maintained and well-charged motorcycle battery usually has approx. It lasts three years.

Of course, many items last longer. But if you are over fifteen, you should consider buying a new motorcycle battery.

I’m sure you want a battery that…

  • Start your motorcycle every time
  • Provides you with a long, reliable service
  • Support the bicycle’s electrical system
  • Confirm engine performance

Here are the key points to help you choose the motorcycle battery that best suits your needs and best fit:

Learn the specifications of the original motorcycle battery

The engineers who designed your motorcycle installed a battery that would allow the engine and electrical system to run at full capacity.

As a starting point, make sure that each new battery has at least the same specifications as the original battery…

  • Amperage
  • Stress
  • Reserve capacity.

In fact, when choosing a battery, you want the one that provides the highest spare capacity. The spare capacity is basically an indication of how long the battery is running without charging.

Also, does the original battery have its own unique features? Do you need, for example, a vent pipe or other accessories?

Even if you are designing a new battery that is more technically advanced than the original one, use the specifications and features of the old battery for the best replacement.

Learn the physical measurements of the original battery

This is a basic question, but it is critical.

Physical measurement of a electric motorcycle battery is at least as important as the technical specification.

This is because motorcycles provide a very limited and accurate size compartment where you can connect and store the battery.

You may be able to get rid of a smaller battery with a good performance. But if you get too big, you probably won’t fit in the designated space and need to replace it.

Buying and returning batteries can be time consuming and costly.

Consider upgrading to a more technologically advanced battery

Motorcycle batteries are constantly improving. Explore an advanced design that is more technologically advanced and reliable than the original bike.

There are three battery options to choose from. Each contains an electrolyte – a caustic liquid that allows the battery to store energy.

These battery design options…

Flooded wet cell battery

This is the oldest battery design. Many wet cell types are not closed. Thus, they must remain upright to prevent spillage of corrosive fluid inside. In addition, you need to constantly charge the electrolyte level.

Gel cell battery

The gel battery uses a solidifying agent in the electrolyte, which improves the battery’s ability to store electricity. It also prevents fluid from moving inside the battery and reduces the chance of spillage.

Absorbed glass mat (AGM) motorcycle battery

The AGM battery contains fiberglass mats that absorb the electrolyte.

This battery was developed for the military. They are therefore very hard and reliable and therefore usually pay twice as much as a premium wet cell.

In addition to being very energy efficient, durable and reliable, it is fully sealed, maintenance-free and leak-proof.

You can get the AGM battery in any position – either on the side or at the end. No difference.

It is the battery of choice for many motorcyclists because of their hardness, it takes longer to charge than other battery designs.

This is a great advantage, especially for riders who do not use their engines every day.

Even after months of non-recharging, you can charge a very weak AGM battery and put it back into service.

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