The Top 10 Electric Motorcycles 2019

Electrical mobility opportunities remain here to stay. There is real competition between the most popular car manufacturers to introduce the most practical electric car – and so is the two-wheeler industry. In countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom, the ban on internal combustion engines has already been lifted, only when others follow this example. Electric two-wheelers have come a long way and we cannot ignore them, as they now promise true performance not only in terms of range but also in terms of design and appeal. Here are the top 10 electric motorcycles in the world that we have seen so far:

Harley-Davidson Livewire: The iconic American motorcycle manufacturer has been working with a loud V-twin for five years on a fully electric motorcycle and has actually become the first manufacturer in the mainstream industry to launch it. According to Harley-Davidson, Livewire performs 0-100km / h in 3.5 seconds at almost 200km. Harley-Davidson announced the price in January of this year as – $29,799

Vespa Elettrica: Vespa is one of the few names on the market that gives us an instant return to the classic appeal of the past year, but it turns out that the Italian scooter manufacturer Elettrica is ahead of the electric race. It guarantees a distance of about 100 km. There has been talked of launching Vespa Elettrica in India but the manufacturer has not confirmed it yet.

Energica Ego: It is a very noteworthy fact that this is the basis of the racing cars used in the MotoE series due to its debut in 2019. The electric class will see riders like the British Bradley Smith battle and well-known names like Randy Depuniet, Maria Herrera and Sete Gibernau.

Zero SR/F: A very good looking street warrior, the Zero SR/F was launched in Amsterdam in February 2019, when the manufacturer claimed to offer “industry-leading power, control, and connectivity”. Zero has faced a number of challenges in electric motorcycles, but now they claim to sell more units than their competitors collectively. Zero is not cheap, though the entry-level model costs £16,490.

Zero DSR: The Zero Street Bicycle and the DSR Black Forest adventure engine, with a trunk, a basic range of 293 km and optional upgrades for better distance. Adding a Charge Tank is an additional cost. At the moment, an adventure tour on electric motorcycles seems like a practical and expensive affair, but we have to start somewhere and the direction seems good.

Super Soco TC-Max: The Soco aims to match the performance of 125 four-stroke gasoline while providing much better economy. It has a top speed of 100 km / h and boasts a torque similar to that of the Energica at 180.3 Nm, approx. With a range of 128 km / h. Super-Soco TC-Max will be available on request from April 2019.

Upcoming Electric Two-Wheeled Vehicles: Honda CR-E: Motocross motorcycles are louder than regular road bikes, but Honda works on a quiet engine based on the CRF250R. This must be a fantastic turnaround.

Lightning Strike: What better name for an electric motorcycle? Especially if it looks like that. Available in three versions – a standard 10 kWh version, in the 112-160 km of range, and the Strike Mid & Carbon Editions 15 and 20 kWh.

Arc, a company-sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover, Arc unveiled its Vector project at the 2018 EICMA, with a number of high-tech features including a helmet with a head-up display (also a key) and a jacket that warns of imminent danger vibrations to “touch your shoulder”. It has 133 hp and 579 km.

Curtiss Zeus: Although it currently only offers a 2163cc V-twin petrol bike, Curtiss is an electric bicycle manufacturer. So far, only prototypes and concepts have been published, including a cafe competition and a bobber version of the Zeus concept.

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