The Shocking Truth About Electric Motorcycles

If you’re something like you used to think, electric motorcycles are a new idea but haven’t really been sold. Once you get to this article, hoping to find out if electric motorcycles are the things of the future – don’t forget your hopes. To be honest, I’m not answering this question. But there are facts that can help you decide whether electric motorcycles will be a part of the future.

As a potential buyer, you want to know if these bikes are worth the money. Let me list some of the pros and cons before going into more detail.


  • Cost of “upload”
  • Low maintenance
  • Torque – More than you ever need
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No clutch (great for new riders)


  • Limited range
  • Long charging time
  • Motor noise – jet aircraft or injured animal?
  • Cost (in some cases)
  • No clutch (riding may not be as fun)

The Good, the bad and Ugly

You know, when you were little and your parents got you the new action figure you loved so much? Then you opened it to find out you needed batteries and it wasn’t right? This was the worst!

Be warned, although electric motorcycles are made with batteries, there are still a few facts worth striking.


Electric motorcycles have a limited range due to battery life, about 100 to 250 miles depending on the model. Only one charge can go that far. If you want your engine to keep going, there is only one thing you can do – get a larger battery. Getting a larger battery gives you more freedom while riding, but for a few thousand dollars. This also increases the weight of the bike.


Owning an electric motorcycle means you should always be aware of the battery charge level. The battery level is not what I think about while riding. Fortunately, Zero Electric has created an application to help riders.

Due to the nature of electric motors, the efficiency of electric motorcycles is significantly reduced when traveling on the highway or during heavy traffic. Peak performance at lower speeds, about 30km/h.

Electric vehicles not only save the planet with alternative energy savings with fossil fuels, but they also don’t need oil changes or other regular maintenance.


Usually motor noise is something that needs to be wrinkled; however, motorcycles and the people who ride them are often only typical. It’s time to face the truth, no electric motorcycle will ever sound as noisy as a Harley, nor will it die like an R1.

On the other hand, a quieter bike means you are more in tune with your surroundings while riding. Let’s face it: no sane motorbike can rely on safety in the surrounding traffic.


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