Incredible Electric Motorcycle – Latest Developments

Global warming, high gasoline, and oil prices are leading many companies and many experiments on battery-powered motorcycles. Advances in battery technology and super-efficient motors have made the electric motorcycle practical. In addition, fuel cells appeared in some models. Thin-film fuel cells and other fuel cell technologies promise an exciting future.

Electric motorcycles were first mentioned in patents in the 1860s but have come a long way since then. Modern electric motorcycles are super-efficient, have almost zero emissions and require less maintenance.

The benefits of electric power are lower fuel costs. About one-tenth the cost of electrical conduction. Almost silent, with almost no emissions and lower maintenance costs. Disadvantages include higher upfront costs and shorter range.

Although gas motorcycles receive extraordinary kilometers of natural gas – as many exceed 50 kilometers per gallon – they emit more pollutants than even large off-road vehicles because they do not have equivalent emission control technology.

According to new emission standards, SUVs are 95 percent cleaner than motorcycles, according to the Environment Agency. While motorcycles can contribute to reducing oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, they do benefit from the cost of cleaner air.

Electric motorcycles eliminate exhaust emissions, prevent urban pollution, and can be powered by clean sources of electricity. In fact, electricity costs less than gasoline. Most advances in battery technology have been made.

Electric motorcycles are nowadays practical due to advances in battery technology. Lead-acid batteries, used in the past for electric motorcycles, are very heavy, short-range and last only a few years.

Some commercial models use nickel-metal hydride batteries. These types of batteries are lighter than lead-acid batteries, while longer-lasting lithium-ion batteries are lighter than nickel-metal hydride, and new chemists have also made them more durable, either up to nickel-metal or longer-lasting hydride batteries.

These cycles are high performance and high speed. In 2006, the quarter-mile world speed record was set at 9.1 and 135 miles. Later that year, the same team broke the record, this time by 8.9 seconds, 145 miles per hour.

Most production models are limited to speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. The reason is that they are set up for urban riding. This will help expand the range, which is currently one of the weaknesses.

Significant advances in fuel cells promise an exciting future for the electric cycle and cars. One university study shows that it should be possible to make thin-skinned fuel cells in a few cans of coke that fill the entire house.

Many companies use hydrogen as fuel, but ethanol and many other substances can provide fuel. The most important thing that is holding back electricity right now is the price. Some models for $15,000 are not available for everyone.

But prices will fall, batteries will improve, and new fuel cell technology will soon make the electric cycle and the car a practical reality.The Quantya Track electric motorcycles looks like a cumbersome bike. Most have the same features as any other motocross bike, but there are some things missing. The most noticeable is the lack of exhaust gas. As he sits on the bike, he notices that there are no pedals. These are not gears, so no clutch is needed. The rear brake is located on the steering wheel, just like on a bicycle.

The biggest difference is when you turn on your bike. It makes no noise. Only the battery indicator lights up. If you ride, the engine will accelerate quickly. There are no gears, so just twist and go. A little exercise is needed to make the ride smoother. The only noise is a small roar, like on a remote control, and then there is a chain around and the tires on the ground. The noise shall not exceed 100 meters. For all intents and purposes, the Quantya Track electric motor is completely silent.

In many ways, it sounds perfect. There are many skeptics. Of course, it goes a long way in improving access to sports and is not dependent on fossil fuels. There are restrictions, such as the limited range of bicycles. The price is still relatively high due to the new technology and the top quality does not match that of internal combustion engine engines. However, it is likely to change in the coming years. Electric motorcycles are developing fast and green is no longer just fashionable – a must.

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