BMW’s new generation of electric motor cars is currently hitting the streets and the test tracks. Arriving for the twenty-first century is BMW’s second generation of battery-powered electric cars. Following in the steps of the fun-filled BMW i8 and arguably the most innovative-yet-portable BMW i3 is now the brand’s second-generation BMW iX. It’ll first be available in iX xdrive50 trim, followed by an even faster iX M 60. Get your new electric vehicle from our shop right here on Top New Motorcycles.

BMW’s high-performance line up continues with the introduction of its newest plug-in hybrid electric motors. The iX will use two electric motors, one in the car’s passenger seat and another powering the iX Drive system. This setup works well, providing the car with improved handling while offering better power. Although BMW claims the vehicle’s new plug-in hybrid system offers up to twice more power than the previous model, we haven’t been able to get a real feel for that. Driving the BMW iX gave us the opportunity to see how this improved power translates to handling and acceleration.

BMW engineers claim the new iX models offer up to twice more power and torque than their predecessors. However, it was difficult to feel the difference when driving at a slower speed. Acceleration from both the electric motor and battery trucks was consistent across all models, although there were minor differences between the three. Both electric motors responded well to input from the brakes. They responded in a positive manner, providing ample power for acceleration and braking.

From our brief experience, it seems that overall build quality and overall size of the BMW iX has been enhanced compared to the older i3 models. The new model has an aluminum fuselage, and rear section, rather than the old plastic rear window. However, the change is minimal and doesn’t affect driver safety as much as some might think. It seems that the new body style makes for a more comfortable fit for driving, although we didn’t test the interior quality.

BMW iX owners are also able to choose from three further exterior refinements, including carbon fiber body parts and front and rear bumpers. Bumps and creases are especially visible on the carbon-fiber front section, which appears to be slightly more shiny than previous BMW offerings. The standard iX offers black headlights, which are also standard on the larger electric suv models. The iX incorporates twin side pipes, two vent packages and a deeper exhaust. Other exterior changes include a longer front bumper that covers the headlights, a modified rear bumper that features LED lights and dual side pipes, and a larger fender.

All BMW vehicles, naturally, include excellent handling and ride quality, but the iX is rated best for fuel efficiency. The largest change is found in the lower front passenger profile, which lowers by five millimeters without changing the entire length of the vehicle. The overall length remains the same at 9 feet, 6 inches, although it will feel much longer when you are driving. The lower profile allows the driver to comfortably sit behind the BMW iX without having to climb into the cowl or to swing one leg around the tailgate. Standard iX sedans and hatchbacks are available with leather seats, but those are not compatible with the gasoline powered BMW iX series. Available only on the electric model, the standard iX offers upholstery for all four seating choices, including a three-way adjustable bench.

BMW has high expectations for its second-generation iX offerings. As the manufacturer of award winning compact sedans, the company knows the need to build a dependable, efficient sports car. The new iX has received excellent reviews from automobile magazines and from drivers who have seen and tested the new model. With standard all-wheel drive and a manual transmission, the BMW iX comes standard with an automatic climate control. The all-electric models come standard with a smooth Ride Control and standard on the iX series are six speeds. Take a look at our electric vehicles right here on Top New Motorcycles today.

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