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2015 Honda CX500 by Ton-up Garage

2015 Honda CX500 by Ton-up Garage side

Honda CX500 in many ways was ahead of its time. Maybe that’s why it is kept on the market only 5-6 years. The first Honda V-Twin 500 cc liquid cooled, dual carburetor OR type, drive shaft…

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Honda CBR250R

Honda CBR 250R front

Motorcyclists who primarily seek affordable, durable, capable and easy to maintain motorcycles now have another model of Honda. This is the new Honda CBR250R.

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Honda VFR 800 X Crossrunner

Honda VFR 800 X Crossrunner front

Exceptional stability and impressive performance throughout the year, anywhere.
Take the flexibility and exciting attitude Naked motorcycle, Combine him upright driver and all bundle in appearance adventure motorcycle, what you get will be special.

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Honda VFR 800 VS Honda VFR 1200

Honda VFR 800 VS Honda VFR 1200 featured

According to some beliefs, after death, the soul travels and finds its way to another body. In Honda’s different. Soul VFR-800 and passed to his successor in 1200 F, and the old VFR continued to live.

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Honda CB 500X

Honda CB 500X featured

Honda CB 500X, the third in a series of models based on the platform of CB 500, operates the most serious so far, and the design is based on models and crosstourer crossrunner ..

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More powerful Honda NC 700 Series?

Honda NC 700 series NC 700X

Over the past few rumors are to models Honda NC700S, NC700X and Integra scooter could get a more powerful engine. These rumors have been updated again after the French branch of the Honda indirectly confirmed earlier actual story …

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Kayaba PSF fork

Kayaba PSF fork featured

New motocross plume of 450 cm3 Honda and Kawasaki will be equipped with KYB PSF fork. PSF is in fact a fork that does not spring than compressed air instead. From the peak, and the name of P (pneumatic) S (spring) F (fork).

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Honda CB 1100R for 2013?

2013 Honda CB 1100R featured

It is assumed that Honda will on the occasion of its 65 anniversary “present” to the market this beautiful retro bike that we had the opportunity to see the 2007th year at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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2013 Honda CRF 250L

2013 Honda CRF250L featured

Honda unveiled the new enduro sport mopdel CRF 250L. L marks the label that this motorcycle for beginners, but more experienced riders can enjoy on it. Powered by now well known engine adapted from the CBR 250 Proportion to the cost-effective, relatively strong, enjoyable to drive, smooth, slightly vibrates and only occasionally” bites”.

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Honda CB 1100

Honda CB 1100 featured

Many said that the air-cooled engine with 1.1 liter capacity and only 88 hp in today’s demanding market actually has no real chance. It is good that Honda did not take such a pessimist, and finally in a series launched her retro beauty. So all you can, just when you want!

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