Interesting facts about cars.

Interesting facts about carsThe first car, which overcome the speed of 100 km / h was electric car. The vehicle was appeared in 1899. Creator was a racing driver Camille Zhenattsi from Belgium.
The first car with seat belts was produced in 1959. Company Volvo engaged its production.
License plates began to mount even on horse-drawn carriages. One of the first car plates appeared in Munich (Germany) in 1899.

It is known that the alphabetic characters on the signs were began use in 1901. This year, one a resident of Berlin was given permission to license plate numbers to use the initials of his wife.
Today, the largest car factory in the world is the Toyota brand. In second place is General Motors. It is followed by Volkswagen.

The most expensive antique cars in the world is Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. There are only car of this model in a world.
The University of California (USA) conducted an interesting study. The safest car colors are light blue, blue and yellow. Blue and light blue colors can be clearly seen during the day, and the yellow one- in the dark. And the most dangerous and poor color is gray.