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Honda Crossrunner

Honda’s latest crossover “gene” has not gone as everyone expected. DN-01 is on the market failed, but none of it is not shedding tears. All eyes now push hard on one another hybrid, recently presented Crossrunner.

A large number of Honda’s technical and engineering staff, as well as the fact that the Japanese giant in Italy has a strong and innovative department for research and development, inflame the various discussions and informal conversations. One of these interviews allowed us to know something more about Crossrunner, a motorcycle that combines several different styles and concepts. Reliable sources say that a little over a year ago there was not the slightest idea, let alone any kind of drawing that hinted that Honda will start creating the project.

Honda Crossrunner side

Thus, it remains to believe that the engineers literally “blank slate” Crossrunner developed in less than ten months. Incredible blistering pace, but certainly doable mission.
Actually quite realistic, because Crossrunner uses long set base. Specifically, consider something more whole motorcycle, you will see that it is actually a polished and transformed into VFR-800 The frame is almost the same, just like the single swingarm. For VFR-800 and naturally derived and driveline, whose values ​​bore and stroke, and the volume of completely identical. However, in Crossrunner aggregate develops seven hp and Nm less.

Honda Crossrunner front side

Crossrunner is powered by Honda’s compact V-4 engine, total power 102 hp and maximum torque of 73 Nm, and considering that this is a total weight of 240 kilograms Crossrunner motorcycle will still be more inclined to longer trips than urban daily joy rides. As competition in the market concerned, the Crossrunner could easily enter into competition with the Ducati Multistrada and the model of Triumph Tiger 800

Honda Crossrunner back side


Engine: V-4
Capacity: 782 cc
Power: 102 hp (75 kW) at 11,000 r / min
Torque: 73 Nm at 9500 r / min
Frame: Aluminum profiles
Brakes: Disc front 296 mm, rear 256 mm disc
Seat height: 816 mm, weight (ready to ride) 240 kg

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