Harley Davidson Breakout 2013

New Harley-Davidson breakout  front

Aggressive styling and rude attitude of the premium Softail chopper. Motorcycle Harley-Davidson Breakout 2013 the city faces. With authentic walk that draws attention to traffic and proud stance that is sure to attract the masses, Breakout is a premium model with strong finishes and specific components that are not available on other Harley-Davidson motorcycles.



Long and low, the Breakout has a back tire of 240 mm, which is visually balanced thick forks and shortened bumpers, while sliced ​​console reservoirs and bent steering maintained a low profile. Powertrain Twin Cam 103 and other components are coated with shiny chrome and glossy black paint.

Like the famous 2013 Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) Breakout model before him, Breakout has styling that is sleek, sturdy, and points out the engine and tires.

New Harley-Davidson breakout back

“In essence we have a breakout motorcycle, which means emphasizing the drivetrain and wheels,” said Harley-Davidson styling manager Kirk Rasmussen. “The black and chrome engine visually highlights center engine, and to maximize highlighted tires, bumpers were cut. We wanted a lot of tires in order to give Breakout sturdy, masculine look. ”

Gasser wheels are new and specific to Breakout, according to Rasmussen.


New Harley-Davidson breakout  side
“We have always loved racing wheels bent in gasser style from the ’60s and ’70s,” says Rasmussen. “These classics are somewhat inspired our point. Each wheel has 10 semicircular PAOK. Glossy black finish is brushed on alternating spokes and rim edge to stand out beneath the aluminum paint. ”

Glossy black finish is also applied to the new cast aluminum oil tank, as well as the descender forks, rotor brake, throttle and steering shields.


New Harley-Davidson breakout  face
“To be down general profile model Breakout, we put the meter, speed control window,” says Rasmussen, “and we supplemented the fuel tank with black leather straps covering and chrome plated circuit board, which is high enough to hide the cables and pipes for ventilation . The steering wheel has a new curved profile that gives an aggressive sense when driving. ”

Softail chassis mimics the clean lines of classic hardtail frame, but to control rear suspension is suspended by coil shock absorbers that are mounted horizontally within the frame rails and do not see it. Breakout has ABS (Anti-lock the wheels when braking) and factory-installed Harley-Davidson security system.

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