Yamaha D'elight scooter front side

2014 Yamaha D’elight

It is clear that D’elight inspired lines Vespa and that exudes a combination of modern and retro style.




Performance is at the level of 125 cc scooter cc​​, although the engine is slightly smaller – four stroke engine of 114 cm3 promises of work, acceleration and top speed usable for those who prefer more wind in your hair. Aluminum wheels and the use of modern materials contribute to low weight of scooter, and D’elight has only 98 kg. Front discs of 180 mm ensure reliable deceleration, while the low seat suitable for less experienced riders. D’elight should be equally functional and appealing to both men and women, and under the seat has room for jet helmet. Yamaha D’elight scooter will be available in three colors: milky white, midnight black and magnetic bronze.

Prices of this scooter are not yet known.

Yamaha D'elight scooter front

Yamaha D'elight scooter side

Yamaha D'elight scooter

Yamaha D'elight scooter back


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