2014 Vespa Primavera front side

2014 Vespa Primavera

The legendary Vespa Primavera is born again. Model that is Piaggio launched 1968th was once again back in order to once again become a status symbol of youth around the world. Visually close to 946 new Vespa Primavera brings the same technical solutions.

Piaggio to play back some old players. One of these is the Primavera, which an Italian brand of motorcycles unveiled at the salon in Milan this week. A small, compact and simple, there is to be re-earned the title of status symbol that once wore.

Italians at the EICMA in Milan had brought four variants of the scooter driven by two engines with 50 cc, and at one volume of 125 and 150 cc. While the power of two-stroke and four-stroke engine volume of 50 cc Piaggio has not declared it aggregate volume of 125 cc and 150 cc three-valve induction is 11 hp and 13 hp.

This innovation enabled the Piaggio that aggregates make it more effective and with less fuel consumption. The whole technology has proved so good that Piaggio busily working on a new liquid-cooled engine with a higher degree of compression that we will soon be able to see the rest their family. Replacement for Vespa LX will go on sale next year, from its new plant in India.

2014 Vespa Primavera front and back

2014 Vespa Primavera speedometer

2014 Vespa Primavera dash

2014 Vespa Primavera trunk

2014 Vespa Primavera side

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