2014 Suzuki Extrigger featured

2014 Suzuki Extrigger

Recycling has finally come to an end, it seems, when it comes to Suzuki. It should suggest two excellent concept that he presented at the recent Tokyo Motor Show. Studies Extrigger and Recursion is are two different approaches to what would Suzuki could introduce in the future. While Recursion is classic petrol two wheelers reinforced with turbo, tiny Extrigger the slewing electric motorcycle for young people.

Suzuki awakes from hibernation and finally bring real refreshment. Electric bikes are definitely the trend today and the hottest newcomer rapidly growing. Many small producers has long been true of electric motorcycles, but more recently they entered the game and a great producer. Now Suzuki joins the caravan with a small Extrigger.

The concept Extrigger powered electric scooter borrowed from the E-Flight, which has only a 2 hp and 15 Nm of torque. They are not at all impressive numbers, but according to Suzuki, they are quite sufficient for the 62 kg heavy two wheelers is extremely agile. The batteries that feed the electric motor are located under the seat and can be changed. Suzuki engineers have equipped this study are VLC system linking signed by Casio.

Either way this is a really great announcement from Suzuki .. finally something new. It would be good to see something like this on sale soon.

2014 Suzuki Extrigger fron left

2014 Suzuki Extrigger front

2014 Suzuki Extrigger dash

2014 Suzuki Extrigger

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