2014 Kawasaki J300 featured

2014 Kawasaki J300

If something is lacking in Kawasaki offer in Europe then they were scooters. Brand from Akashi is the only Japanese manufacturers who never got into this sphere. That has now changed because the Kawasaki with KYMCO, prepared a scooter that will introduce next month in Milan …

Guessed the name of the J300 but did not know more about this novelty. Kawasaki has officially revealed what it is releasing the first set of official photos of its first scooter. Connoisseurs scooter will immediately notice that he is very much like the Kymco models and will not be fooled. Simply because he was and is based on Kymco technology, specifically the Downtown 300i model.

When you know it is not difficult for us to guess what will make Kawasaki J300. As for Kawasaki Kymco already produced plenty of components, among which are some engine the Taiwan brand was not difficult for a company of Akashi prepare one scooter. There certainly did not have to suffer a lot because the template is already available.

Kawasaki J300 so probably driven single cylinder engine with direct fuel injection, whose power is 30 hp, which draws from the 299 cc displacement. It is expected that this will be rebranded copy equally aspire, but also develop a similar maximum speed. How do we know Downtown 300i weighs 188 kg and can develop 145 km / h.

If Kawasaki earlier this year by the name J300 protect several names starting with this letter is to be expected that it will soon introduce a few more scooter because the name “J” obviously be used for part of the game, covering scooters.

2014 Kawasaki J300 featured

2014 Kawasaki J300 face

2014 Kawasaki J300 side

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