2014 Honda NC 750X

2014 Honda NC 750X featured

One of the motorcycles that are fair to see stronger Honda NC750. To this motorcycle comes we heard several times already, and now we have concrete data on the number of horses which he will dispose of it.

New Honda NC750 in S and X arrives at the premiere performance Milano.Da give this motorcycle engine from NC 700 is enhanced with an additional 50 cc. Thus, the volume of 670 cc engine grew to 720 cc and 48 hp past she added 5 more horses. With the new 53 hp going and more torque, the precise figure is not yet known.

The larger aggregates of both the motorcycle will bring up his weight and appendix, namely about 5 kg. This means that the NC750S and NC750X weigh some 220 ​​kg. We will write about this motorcycle when we have more accurate information.

2014 Honda NC 750X front

2014 Honda NC 750X dash

2014 Honda NC 750X back

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