2014 Honda CBR 300R featured

2014 Honda CBR 300R

Three days remained until the opening of the salon motorcycles, in Milan. This is the time when the light comes out the most information about news that there will be discovered. One of them is the new Honda CBR 300R, which we first saw two weeks ago. two then published photographs can now join the occasional technical information.

New Honda CBR300R as the name suggests gets higher aggregate volume of 300 cc. With an additional 50 cc goes 5 hp power, which means that the CBR 300R now dispose of 32 hp. What will most surprise is less kilos on the scale. According to the source close to brand new Honda CBR 300R will seek 155 kg, which is almost seven kilos less than the heavier model that replaces.

Appearance is not much different from the smaller model CBR 250R, but it remains to be seen .. The main advantages of this bike are more power and less weight, which means more driving fun ..

2014 Honda CBR 300R

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