2013 Husaberg TE 250

2013 Husaberg TE 250 featured

Husaberg range for 2013th make motorcycles with two-stroke engine 125, 250 and 300, while four-stroke engines 250, 450 and 510 cc. And while the two-stroke models have experienced an evolution, four stroke have fundamentally changed. Completely new model in FE 250, and model 350 replaced the 390, a model 501 (510 cc) was replaced by model 570

The new Husaberg implanted White Power forks brand new generation 4Cs Closed catridge diameter of 48 mm with four separate chambers. In these forks are separate containers of lubricating oil and hydraulic compression and recovery, with this jaw longer and safer. Now these forks have separate settings on the left and right stick forks, with the left upper adjust compression and the right to a refund. So there is no longer any setting on the bottom of the fork.

2013 Husaberg TE 250 side

This two-stroke model is somewhat stronger than the small TE 125 and can be driven at low speeds, while the valve is still not open. A two-stroke machine has a linear unit. Weight is its greatest advantage in the struggle with modern 4T aggregates, and position the driver is almost perfect for drivers of standard heights and those of lower stature. We have to boast a very good new suspension that allows stunts and excellent brakes with fine dosing. Defects are almost gone, and only the heavier and taller drivers to resort to four-stroke models, because they are in some cases easier to use.

2013 Husaberg TE 250 featured engine

TE 250 is designed for E2 competitions, where the class is struggling with a powerful 450 four-stroke machines. It has an electric starter, but his left arm and the foot-launch in the event of a failure or extreme use electric starter. Models 250 and 300 are very similar to one another, and the 2013th Both models have 50 grams lighter triangles front forks. Ments and offset reduced from 22 to 20 mm and are now CNC processed. Air box air filter is increased, and they have also received new valves V-Force 4th In addition, a new clutch is lighter by 250 grams thanks to the rubber parts of a better dosage.

2013 Husaberg TE 250 back

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