1998 Toyota Camry Headlight Control

I’m going to try to serve experiment demonstrate the different settings with the Toyota Camry Headlights about lever for this 1998 Toyota Camry. So we can say the camera just to the left of the steering column you’re gonna see the Camry headlight lever ray here so right now we have it on auto that’s the most common place to put it the other 3 settings are DR al off which means daytime running lights off so on this point your automatic 1998 toyota camry headlights will not come on nor will you have daytime running lights during the day.

1998 toyota camry headlightsIf you go up one more you’re going to see the parking lights of those of a orange lights are yellow lights on either side of the headlights and tail lights. And the last one is the 1998 toyota camry headlights on now if you leave this on. And I shut the car off the. Ms if I get out to open the door your gonna notice there’s a solid tone. How this tone will stay on until you either put it back to Oslo. Or until you do turn the car back on or finally it has an emergency Tyrer where after about. 29 minutes or so 5 minutes somewhere in there it will automatically shut those lights off. Okay. So the most common place you’re going to want to be is in the auto position because that what that will do is during the day you will have your daytime running lights on it at night you’ll turn on your night time headlights. The center for that is up on the dash here.

So what I’m going to do symmetric the center right now and just make it look like it’s dark out. And if we wait a couple minutes you’re going to notice that the odd that now screen goes to night mode and ray here the life ball comes on saying that your nighttime toyota camry headlights are on. Okay now if I shut the car off. And I open the door. There’s no beeping because what that means is that they will shut off within 30 seconds this time. Or if I press the lock button twice. They shut off instantly. So those are some of the settings and functions available for the headlights in this 98¬†Toyota Camry my name is Tony with toys sitting thanks for watching.