Why do we need bull bar?

Adjustable in front protective metal arc are called in the driver’s slang “bull bar” (or roo bar).
In addition to improving the appearance of the car, bull bar has direct practical purpose – it protects the hood, grille and bumper of the car during the driving on rough terrain. Those who went on his car in the country know how much trouble can deliver high grass and small bushes – scratches on the bumper and the hood is rarely avoided with such trips.

bull bar

Here’s the handy bull bar, which will take on collision with such obstacles, protecting the paint of the car. Another bad thing that can happen in a country trip – a collision with animals, because quite often there are situations when rabbit or a dog may suddenly jump on the road, or maybe someone bigger – roe deer or even elk. In such a collision ordinary car completely brakes grille, but installed bull bar will cost, so-called, “a little blood.”